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Elementor #97

Welcome to Our Clinic

Free Prescription Delivery Medicines at your home
No queue, No parking hassle
No extra charges….. just ask
your GP to tell us to deliver your medications
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Send triage results to your GP

at the end of your triage.

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How Mia Work

Let Show This  Video

Why not see your GP VIRTUALLY

Find out if your GP surgery is partnered with us

We are rolling out pilot programs with GP surgeries in your area. To see a list of our partner surgeries, click here. If your surgery is not on the list, you can ask your GP to contact us for more information on how to make “patient journey” easier with the use of our technology.

Robert Martin

Never quite seen anything like it! What an awesome way to help patients right on the go


I was really getting anxious about my symptoms but when I asked MiA, it gave my presumptive diagnosis as well care advice. Great!

Lisa Haller

NextGen, thank you so much for your help with sick note!

Md Nahidul

couldn’t find a better way to schedule my prescriptions but thanks to you guys, I can worry about running my business and not having to get so stressed about my health. Thanks a bunch!

NextGen Health Solutions is a UK based company providing platform and software applications for digital health. We aim to develop cutting edge healthcare solutions that will revolutionize the healthcare industry. Our products are designed for patients as well as aiding healthcare providers to seamlessly deliver their services.

We are a company with a vision! Vision to see better, affordable and technologically advanced Healthcare for everyone and anyone.

Our current services are:
NextGenGP – Private GP services (
NextGenGP NHS (Talk2GP) – NHS Partner program
NextGenGP Gulf – Private GP services in the Middle East

Office addresses:

400 Thames Valley Park Drive, Reading, RG6 1PT, United Kingdom

Registered address: Kemp House, 160 City road, London, EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom

(Registered in England and Wales – 11184742)